Are you really set free?

In my book “Quest For Faith,” I talk about a heart set free. It is time that you begin to walk in your purpose. You must know that you are free from past failures and pain. You need to take the journey toward your freedom. The Quest is yours, a heart set free and a mind to walk in it.


Quest Women’s Bible Study

Starting March 26th Join this bible study!

Meeting location: Bird and Bean Coffee Shop.

The Power of Knowing God (40 Minute Study)You may know about God, but do you truly know what He says about Himself—and what He wants from you?

This eye-opening study will help you gain a true understanding of God’s character and His ways. As you discover for yourself who He is, you’ll be drawn into a deeper, more personal relationship with the God of the universe—a relationship that will enable you to confidently display His strength in life’s most challenging circumstances.